• Revitalizing Shampoo
    • "Hair We Go Again" Shampoo ) w/ Keratin, Jojoba OIl, and Aloe Vera works as a great cleansing shampoo for wash days. it is highly effective in repairing and conditioning damaged hair, revitalizing your hair's protective layer, rebuilding tensile strength,
      reducing hair damage from harsh chemicals, combating dandruff and strengthening hair all without ------- stripping it!
  • Hydrating Conditioner
    • This blend of Keratin, Jojoba Milk, Aloe Vera and other beneficial ingredients aid in giving your hair the intense moisture it needs after a fresh wash without weighing your curls down, leaving them soft to the touch and more manageable. Keratin, which happens to be the primary protein of the hair, is composed with amino acids, oxygen, carbon, small amounts of hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur, and similar to this chemical makeup, is Aloe Vera. Keratin and Aloe work graciously together to combat dryness of the hair and scalp while strengthening your strands and stimulating hair growth.


Two is Company

    • Great for Defining curls, Wash and Go's, Twist outs, braid outs, flat twists, etc. also great for detangling.
    • For all Hair Types; especially hair that is prone is dryness and breakage.